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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Hockey rattles the Corporate Sector

Hockey rattles the Corporate Sector

"You may have noticed a change in the rhetoric now being delivered by our treasurer since he took over. One could say he has seen the state of the books, he has looked at the forward projections and in an arresting moment, after first thinking the roof had fallen in, he has realised Labor’s supervision of the economy had not created a budget emergency, rather, they were skilfully managing a full-scale world monetary meltdown in recovery. His G20 speech contained all the words you would expect from the man who had just been given the keys to the safe, who now knows how much is there, how little is coming in and how much of what is going out cannot be stopped. He also knows the cost of the promises his boss made at the last election. It is not pretty and Joe knows that rather than his boss being the one to carry the can, it is he and he alone who will cop the blame if the spaghetti hits the fan. For all his blustering and bellowing prior to the election, the raw truth has now hit home and he has nowhere to hide."
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