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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Joe the Dill careers off

Joe the Dill careers off

Joe the Dill careers off

Bob Ellis 14 August 2014, 8:00am 84

Joe Hockey, dead a week ago, is now a twitching corpse.

Anything he says now is either suspected or derided, and it seems he knows nothing about simple arithmetic.

Yes, fifteen dollars to go to the doctor is a lot to ask of an old
woman. Yes, $200 a week for six months is a lot to take from a young
man. No, this is not a "debt and deficit disaster", it is a bump in the
road. Yes, it was wrong to bid Holden to fuck off out of Australia. Yes,
we could do with a car industry. Yes we could.

This man is not so much a disaster as a dill. He truly cannot add. It is a serious fault in a Treasurer.

Worse, he has nothing to bribe or threaten Palmer with.

Palmer can add, and he knows a Double Dissolution would give him
eight seats in the Senate and four in the House, and would do so before
Christmas. What can Joe say to that? Please?

He also shown himself to be a dill by staying silent over Gaza. Some
of his cousins will have been killed there by now, and he is pretending
it isn’t happening. He said he was ‘proud of my Palestinian heritage’ a
year ago during the campaign, and though four hundred children have been
shredded, children of his bloodline, he is saying not a word.

He should be advocating they be brought here as refugees and he is saying not a word.

No voter can trust a man like that.

He is dead in the water. He no longer has any chance of being Prime
Minister. He no longer has any chance of retaining his seat. A Double
Dissolution by October would finish him.

Or perhaps you disagree.

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